An online booking platform forlocal airlines, accommodation facilities, and rental car businesses. It’s essentially a one stop shop for persons looking to travel within the Bahamas.

Key Selling Point: Island Linkup is a Free Marketing Platform. We can market your business in several ways that will ultimately allow you, the service provider to:

  • Create/expand your internet and Social Media presence
  • Increased digital traffic of potential customersand increasedsales through online mediums
  • Save money on marketing campaigns
  • First year of membership is free; membership options are  flexible
  • CHARTER PILOTS SPECIFICALY- This is the only booking platform currently available for local charter pilots that can make them visible to potential customers and give them an opportunity to capitalize off their dead leg.
  • RENTAL CARS SPECIFICALLY- This is the only booking platform currently available for local rental car companies that can make them more visible and easily assessable to potential customers
  • LARGE FLIGHT CARRIERS SPECIFICALLY- Drive more business online as opposed to through traditional booking mediums that have a host of other fees and expenses attached.

  • One Stop Shop for all their travel needs
  • Travel bundles
  • Save time by booking online
  • Access to more flight options including emergency flights
  • Discounts and rewards

The service is available to customers in the form of an App for Smartphone and an Internet Website. Both 

For our launch we will engage:

  • Social Media Blitz Initiative.
  • Radio Advertisements
  • TV Advertisements
  • Newspapers
  • Billboards around Nassau
  • Rating system that allows them to gauge service quality

Marketing options specifically available to service providers will be different based on what type of membership plan they have with Island Linkup.

Basic- Free year 1; entitles the provider to a profile on the website which they will have administrative control over and access to 24/7 as well as 24 Hr. Island Linkup Client service and support. Basic members will benefit from broad marketing campaigns listed above designed to drive traffic to the website/app.

Deluxe Membership- Everything included under basic membership plus access to banner advertisements on the website and co-branding opportunities that will give specific exposure to the provider’s brand and services via social media, tv/radio and or print media. 

Premium Membership- Everything included in the basic membership plus premium providers will have access to customized advertisement/co-branding opportunities that will provide specific exposure the provider’s brand and services, reserved space our our website during anchor sales periods, research related services (customer traffic and demographics) and surveys. Premium providers also have the option of having their profile (specifically inventory & availability information) managed by Island Linkup.


Everything included in the basic membership plus provider selects marketing services that they need for their business. This option allows them to pay as they go instead of upfront. 

Except in the cases of large flight operators with API technology; all providers will manually upload their information to Island linkup. This included photographs, and information regarding their product inventory.

IMPORTANT: Available dates have to manually updated. Basic and Deluxe providers will have to log into their accounts periodically to keep their information up to date. ITS CRITICAL THAT THE ACCURACY OF THE INFORMATION BE MAINTAINED AND ALSO THAT WHATEVER SERVICE (VEHICLE, ROOM TYPE ETC.) BOOKED ONLINE BE AVAILABLE TO CUSTOMER WHEN THEY ARRIVE. 

Basic membership is free for year 1. If for whatever reason the provider decided not to renew their membership after year one they can cancel the service with us no strings attached. Island Linkup charges a one-time application fee and a commission on bookings through the platform. Different annual fees are applied based on different membership options. Request membership rates