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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this service work?

  1. Search Flights
  2. Book
  3. Pay
  4. Print Confirmation
  5. Travel

How can I book a ticket on IslandHopper.com?

Use the query bar to select destination, dates for travel, number of passengers and one-way/roundtrip. All available flights with our affiliates will be displayed. Select a departure date and time (as well as return date and time if applicable) and proceed to enter customer and payment information (credit or debit card).

How long will my reservation last?

Reservations will be held for 6 hours. If payment is not made after 6 hours the reservation will be cancelled.

Where will I go to catch my flight?

Flight departure information will be sent via email after purchase along with the confirmation number.

Can I print my ticket from the website?

All tickets are electronic. Please store your confirmation number and provide this along with your government issued ID at the airport.

Will I get a refund if my flight is cancelled?

If a provider fails to complete a flight for any reason other than weather, natural catastrophe, airport closure or forcible delay, and is not able to reschedule on the same day, the travel provider will be responsible for providing a partial or full refund.

How early do I need to be for my flight?

You need to be present at least a half hour before the plane leaves.

How many bags/pounds can I carry?

There is no limit on how many pieces you carry but the maximum weight of all pieces combined must not exceed 30lbs. Each pound after 30 carries a charge of 60 cents.

How soon can I get a charter flight?

24 hours after booking.

When will Pop Up flights be visible on the website?

A minimum of 24 hours before departure