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Island Linkup Mission

At Island Linkup our mission is to make travel in the Bahamas easy and more accessible for Bahamians and visitors alike by providing a one stop shop where persons can query and book flights, accommodations and ground transportation. From Grand Bahama to Inagua, the Bahamas has a lot to offer. Island Linkup was created for people who want to experience everything the Bahamas has to offer.

Customer Benefits

  • Forget the worry of not knowing what to do, where to stay or how to get around the Bahamas. We've made travel easy with convenient flight options; ground service options and clean, well maintained rental properties you can book from the comfort of your home or office.
  • Finally, plan trips around their own schedule and be as spontaneous as you like while hoping around the archipelago
  • The fact that we're on a first name basis with all our service providers allows us to confidently vouch for the quality of all the services listed on Island Linkup
  • Plus Island Linkup gets you immediate access to emergency flights

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    Charter Flights booking (flights arranged and scheduled by customers)
  • Passengers only
  • Passengers + cargo
  • Cargo Only
  • Scheduled flights (regular flights put on by travel providers)
  • Popup Flights (random flights posted by travel providers; typically return end of charter flights)
  • Rental cars
  • Accommodations/Bed and Breakfasts


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